Successful business intelligence projects follow a proven model with seven distinct stages. Stages 1-3 are independent of software applications and should be completed regardless of software choices.

  1. Determine your goals
  2. Identify specific requirements
  3. Create a conceptual design
    Select ETL and reporting software applications.*
  4. Architect a technical design
  5. Integrate your data
  6. Develop reports and analyses
  7. Implement system and train users

*Software needs should be addressed at or before this point in the process. You may have existing tools to utilize, or you may be implementing new applications. The actual software is separate from the process, and most applications will benefit from a well-organized data warehouse. Trek does not sell software; Trek provides the art of organizing information.

A business intelligence system isn't just a software application that delivers reports. Every step of the process contributes to the success of the system. In fact, you might say that a Business Intelligence project is like a journey... or a trek.

Trek Analytics will assist you with your business intelligence project. Our approach is to address each step of the process as a separate project and deliver prompt results that will be applied in future stages.

Readiness Assessment
Is your organization ready for a business intelligence project? Technology is only one component of readiness. Culture, environment, and staffing are important factors to consider. Contact Trek Analytics for a FREE assessment.

Goal Setting and Requirements Gathering
Trek Analytics will consult with key personnel from various business units to determine information needs and availability. We will identify high priority requirements, assess the availability of the information, and create a project plan with budgeting estimates. This independent assessment will give project leaders a baseline report that they can use to evaluate software applications and other business intelligence resources.

Data Warehouse Design
Designing a data warehouse requires different skills than those needed for transactional systems. Trek will map data sources into a warehouse design that will provide the required reporting.

Data Integration
After establishing requirements and completing an approved data warehouse design, Trek will extract data from source systems, transform it into compatible formats, combine it with data from other systems, and organize it into usable information. During this process, data will be validated, cleansed, and made user-friendly.

Report Design and Development
Trek will create reports that provide the critical information identified during requirements gathering.

Training and Implementation
Trek will help your entire organization confidently use your new business intelligence solution.