Your organization may not have a data warehouse or a business intelligence system, or your staff may not have time to utilize your systems.

However, you still need information. You still want to use your operational data to make decisions or market more effectively.

Trek Analytics will help. We like using data... lots of it. More importantly, we like seeing our clients improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

We can help you create mailing lists, marketing campaigns, and automated data entry. We will use your existing reporting tools to create custom reports and analyses that will improve your decision-making capability.

We will also help you clean up your systems by identifying duplicates or missing information in your databases.

If you are frustrated with the reporting you are getting from a software application, give Trek Analytics a call.

Custom report development
Does your system have the necessary information but not the desired report format? Consider our report development services. Trek will use your existing software to develop reports that give you the information you need.

Spreadsheet design & automation
Are you stuck in a recurring monthly nightmare of spreadsheets and data entry? Trek will load data into spreadsheets automatically, saving clerical time and improving accuracy. Let your staff work on other projects instead of data entry.

Data management
Over time, computer systems get cluttered. Trek can help you clean up your databases and obtain reliable information.

Marketing lists and analysis
Trek will help you market to your own customers or find new customers through targeted mailing lists. After the campaign, Trek will analyze your results to determine effectiveness.

Reporting Audits
Do you have too many reports? Too few? Are your reports accurate, or do you sometimes doubt the measures? Trek will review your reports, validate the information, and provide suggestions for improvements. Make decisions on valid information!