Trek Analytics will deliver business intelligence training in a format that fits your organization, whether through on-site training, live webinar, or self-paced online content.

Choose from executive-level, technical design, or industry-specific courses. Give your project team a foundation in business intelligence to put everyone on the same page and create a common language.

Executive Summary of Business Intelligence: This presentation explains business intelligence in a non-technical manner to establish a base understanding for the executive team.

Business Intelligence for Finance & Accounting: This presentation illustrates how to link financial data to operational information by using business intelligence tools and techniques. In addition, this session shows how to automate report and spreadsheet preparation to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Fundamentals of Business Intelligence (business or IT perspectives): This detailed class explains the concepts, architecture, and process involved with business intelligence. Trek presents different content and perspectives for business and IT users or will combine the courses as an orientation course for a new project team.

Business Intelligence for Financial Institutions: Using customer, account, and transactional data gives banks competitive advantages. This session demonstrates a data warehouse design that will answer operational questions, provide performance measurement, and allow detailed compliance reporting.

Smart Cross-Selling for Banks: Financial institutions have a tremendous amount of data that can be used to provide exceptional service to customers. This session explains how to offer products and services that match customer needs, and describes how to implement this process.

Benefits of Training Services:

  • Get on the same page: A business intelligence project will involve people from all parts of the organization. Create a common language and a foundation of BI knowledge for the whole team.
  • Set the project scope and budget: Before starting a BI project, the executive team should understand exactly what it includes so they can adjust the scope if necessary.
  • Understand the technology: Not everyone needs to know all the details, but a general overview of the technology involved with a BI project will set realistic expectations and facilitate the design process.
  • CPE: Earn continuing professional education credit while finding new ways to serve your clients and while expanding your own understanding. Train your entire staff in the format of your choice.